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Join us on April 21, 2024 for an enlightening event featuring a panel of kidney donors, recipients, and medical experts who will share inspiring stories and valuable insights on navigating the process of living kidney donation and transplantation. Discover how kidney donation can be a rewarding experience, not just for the recipient who gains a new lease on life, but also for the donor who experiences the profound impact of giving the gift of life. Together, we can achieve our “moonshot” goal of eliminating the kidney transplant waiting list in Whatcom County.

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We Listen and Learn

We listen to our community, to neighborhoods, to people involved. We want to understand the challenges being faced through the eyes of those who are experiencing them.

We engage with and learn from experts across the spectrum of our areas of focus. We are interested in hearing from local experts, as well as those at the state, national and even global level.

We want to visit and learn from other communities to find what has worked - - and what has not - - and why.