Our Board

Working to make a difference

Mount Baker Foundation’s Board of Directors is composed of community members working to make a difference. The Board is responsible for overall governance of the organization and adherence to our Vision and Mission. Each Board member participates in at least one of the focus committees. Board members dedicate a significant amount of their time to work with the community. Our focus committees also include non-board advisory members.

  • Ione Adams

    President (Equity & Health Determinants Committee and Governance Committee)

  • Donnell Tanksley

    Vice President (Equity & Health Determinants Committee and Governance Committee)

  • Barbara Juarez

    Secretary (Equity & Health Determinants Committee)

  • Steve Smith

    Treasurer (Finance & Investment Committee and Children & Families Committee)

  • William Freeman

    Director (Legacy Committee)

  • Ken Gass

    Director/Past President (Children and Families Committee and Governance Committee)

  • Angie Krzysiek

    Director (Legacy Committee)

  • Sallye Quinn

    Director (Children and Families Committee)

  • Hannah Simonetti

    Director (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor)

  • Sandhya Gelou

    Director (Legacy Committee)

  • Ben La Tray

    Director (Finance and Investment Committee)

  • Rajeev Majumdar

    Director (Governance Committee)

Previous Board Members

  • Chad Nickisch

    Past Director/Past Treasurer

  • Julie Johansen

    Past Director / Past President

  • Bill Lombard

    Past Director / Past President

  • Scott Wallace

    Past Director

  • Ethel Elston

    Past Director

  • Tim Farris

    Past Director

  • Rachel Lucy

    Past Director

  • Larry Ziels

    Past Director


Help us make a difference

We are interested in hearing from local experts, as well as those at the state, national or even global level.